25 and What Now?!

“Modern women today love to embrace changes with technical emotional strength, but NOT wrinkles.” 

Interesting facts happen on my 25 years of existence:

  • Self-Realization- This is a series of some undaunted episodes that includes heartbreak in coffin, self-employment to company employed propagandas, friends and frenemies flick, lifestyle galore and family in 5-in-1 pack.
  • Independence- Where the only thing that you got is “me, myself and I.”
  • Old Habits- This excites me. I’m back to my old self again. Interestingly, I am some kind of an elite flickering diva that happens to recoup her self to some old lifestyle.
  • Family Gathering- After 3 years, this year is MUCH better. Sigh.
  • Total News Geek- Now I am a media nymph. I am slain to current events that sometimes it made me realize that I am not a fan of current “bull-sheet”.
  • Body Build- No. Not the one that engages in building muscles with some nonsense steroids, commercially diagnose the hopeful losers that want to be like Chyna of WWE. To be clear, I am building a good physique.
  • Faith- So when you want to make yourself a hero. Like they say, be a hero just for one day. Who may have an alter ego that kills or someone that may be show humanity?
  • Talent- I photograph, I write, I sing and dance. What else?

power woman! “”I Cna’t help bot pose!”

Now, after a year of celebrating my womanhood, 25 can be a tough age to compare myself to Britney Spears’ song Not Yet A Girl, Not Yet A Woman or sing the power song, I AM A WOMAN. I can just sing the blues and some fairly classic old school toppers for Pete’s sake, I still consider myself Young.

After hooking myself to some manic anime series ten years ago, now I am in another level of migration my eye sticking flicks to American Series. Namely, Vampire Diaries, Walking Dead, House M.D, The Borgias, Chuck, True Blood, Ben Hur, Supernatural, Charmed…and so many not ready to fill the whole page of em’.

The taste of reinventing myself to the common American era had flourish and many of my peers had also been adaptive the so-called fictions in mature content. Characters of antagonist and protagonist on movies and TVs gladly helped themselves over showing some bare legs, breast and torrid kiss. **OMG** the scenes may show a little more of what the real world had always been. Desperate of be a godlike image, power trippers and material clingers.

To some degree, as a so-often-called conservative race, Filipinos, had not been that fairly decent when it comes to vulgar drama and romantic comedy, as they say.

The artsy comedic phases, dialogues acted to be more with a content of “bastos” that to some implicates a humor with cheesy grins.

I remember some phlegmatic memory lane of my childhood. When older people tend to manipulate young innocent mind to their so-called maturity control and make kiddos like slave to their personal amusement also, satisfaction. When the old ones, started to make you look like a Barbie, princesses but really a drag queen. When the old ones started to ask you buy something and go for an errand to a Sari-Sari Store(mini store for some goods). When they ask you to sing, dance and roll-over? When they let you stay at home and forcibly want you to take a nap in the afternoon siestas. And to the rest, to some, has their own stories, some delightful and to some pain. Nostalgic. Purely, Black and white.
When you get old you become wiser. According to: http://www.searchquotes.com/search/Turning_25_Years_Old/

Some ditsy dudes made the quotes quotable that thought wiser to say. Some people might just mimic themselves to a saga of smarties, from Plato to Shakespeare to celebrities’ quotes that make-them-look-smarter.

Truth is, I had never felt better until I reached 25. It’s a silver year of wearing silver accessories to silver façade of accomplishment. I could never give myself a gold medal yet.

So the vision of Microsoft is pretty simple. It changed a couple years ago. For the first 25 years of the company, it was a personal computer on every desk and in every home. And it was a very good vision; very rare for a company to be able to stick with something like that for 25 years. The reason we changed it was simply that it became acceptable. . . . And so as we stepped back and looked at what we were trying to do with the programming model, turning the Internet into the fabric for distributed computing, getting your information to replicate in a very invisible way so that it was available to you everywhere, thinking of this programming model spanning all the different devices, we changed to the mission statement we have now, which is empowering people through great software anytime, any place and on any device.



-Bill Gates.

When you look back, the baggy, flares and cargo jeans look acceptable. It wasn’t at all, until you realize the skinny makes you legs look longer and fuller. I had dimly glare the transition of hairstyle, back in 90’s when my thick black hair just cant help but puff in full bounce. My face was slapped with face powder and a cheap lip gloss. But Thanks to the unbeatable fashion week, it made evolution fashionably acceptable. Now, my hair had its flowing effect emblazed with chestnut brown. My sense of fashion had come to life. I stretch my skinny jeans for my legs and loosen chic hues tops. Furthermore, I now paint incredibly on my face. Thanks to information videos and fashion TV series, women are now ill-fated to look fair, diva-like and look younger.

Crowning glory!

Media perhaps had greatly impacted the society to create enigma of change.

I happen to grab a change to wherein I was in need of isolation to all social pollution.

Think Again.

When I think about keeping myself to this technology and polluted society, I can’t blame anyone. In fact, I am one of a thousand chains that happen to use a cell phone. I tried to keep a minimal media influence. I can’t escape technology. For a change, we have to embrace it. But, I can’t live with everything in it. I can’t shower on new iPod models, new magic ageless cream, new refirming or body shaper, new functional door/closet, new cars, new scandals and political platforms. Comically, when I happen to like Lourd De Veyra political commentary videos, I run like a wrecked when TV, Computer’s, Made in China and noisy celebrities are running after me. Hooks and Forks.

When you talk about Change, you and enormous series of personal accomplishments, old encompassing failures and future wide panorama plan. These, would shatter, like pixies and dusts. Till then you realize that life always interacts to changes.

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.
Lao Tzu 

When you don’t want Change, then it chases after you. You run but you pause and breathe deeply loose your consciousness, frantically hallucinating and exhilarating oxygen to your lungs without defining the weight of major impact to you life.

As you grow old, things just lined up with all the thoughts of nostalgic phases. To rediscover the true form of cycle that a mistake to correction to mistake and resolution to everlasting quotes and self help methods that you formulate just to end the change. Truth is that we can never stop Change.

Change itself is limitless.

At 25 years or whatever in a certain age you are at , you might be asking.

Like, what have I achieved? Did I reach my goals?

Reality check, I cannot even tell if what should be achievable or not.

So far, my investments for the past few years had defines me as a 25 year old legit citizen/human being/womanhood. I am prepping for a my house, my customized laptop, my camera and my one –of-a-kind hobbies.

I want to plant more veggies on our backyard.

I want to fly on a zipline.

Fit perfect on a bikini at the beach.

Be a cook, a Good Cook. Create fantastic recipes after the mogul chef influence of Chef Ramsay.

Be a blogger in a lifetime.

Travel. Again.

Lastly, Marry a rich man!

Where everlasting ambitious, countless dreams just happen to adrift while I write.

Now, a silver year is about to transpire. It can be exciting yet clueless.

So what now?

Easy Dollars. Stay at Home!

Money. Money. Money. In the rich man’s world!

I had been tired looking for jobs. Walking in. Dressing up on business days. Keeping my Transpo allowances everyday. So what is the solution?

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Technically. Writing.Passion.


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Mother’s Day Special: “Functional” Things I Learned From My Mom

“Functional” Things I learned From My Mom

She can be a lot stronger than you think.

Use of Defective Umbrella-

The circular made of fabric held on collapsible frame of thin ribs can be sleak and functional. My mom would insist using the defective umbre-duh rather than exposing yourself under the burning heat of the sun. My umbrella at some point would end up losing one or two frames and usually break its sticks after a strong smash of the wind. Well, I’d rather use the malfunctioned umbrella rather than wasting my insurance on heat stroke

Turn Old Blankets to Indoor Clothes
My mom, as a hobbyist on sewing, had lately spent more of her sewing agenda. From turning baggy shorts to a stylish cargo to an old blankets turned into a comfy indoor clothes. Ahh, Such lightness and wrapping my body with my childhood memoirs of my blanket. But my mom plainly says she wants to cut off the expenses on clothing.
Plant more Herbs.
Herbal plants, probably the most practical alternative medicine can help keep the doctor away. My mom had diversified her knowledge on learning how great the lagundi can heal my sister’s cough, the talisay leaves for headache and the coconut for indegestion. She doesn’t mind Vic Sotto’s awareness over bacteria on boiled hebs..she just keep on reminding us that the old sake has it’s best.
Cooking for Dinner, breakfast tomorrow.
In the morning, she makes most of her time cleaning the house, washing clothes, bathing dogs and watching Pinoy Henyo at eat Bulaga. In the afternoon, she keeps herself busy on sewing clothes. All about reinvention thingy. Well in the evening she cooks alot of food, like a fiesta a-la-carte and we ended up full and sleepy that we can’t even think of eating the rest of the viand. Practically, she keeps the rest and save them for the morning meals.
Do the Cooling Outside the House.
She would normally ask us all to save energy and saving the electrical bills, so by the time the sun is on its peak of burning the living creatures on Earth, we can’t help but moving our butts outside the house rather than cooking ourselves in an oven-tight shelter. whew!
Keeping Alternatives Cheaper and Practical
If there’s no butter, buy Margarine.
If there’s no paper bills, check the coin purses and the four corner of the house.
If there’s no toilet paper, there’s water.
If there’s no whitening soap, darn, use the germicidal soap.
If there’s no orange juice, there’s kalamansi/kalamunding in the kitchen.
No deodorant, there’s tawas.
No clean shorts? Use hers instead.
No cellphone load. Just sleep on it.
No money? She prays for it.
On paydays, I buy her her favorite ice cream and ends with a  bubbly and wide smile.

Sometimes she can be silly.😉

Her Super Mom Secret-Her Apron
The secret of her goodie-all-knockout sweep-homey-success is her Apron She sweeps, scrubs, brush, slides, chats, sings, screams, freaks out, and sleeps. Though it doesnt look like that magical.
When she puts it on, she started to clean the sink. ;P

I bet your mom has one.

Well I got to be honest. There’s actually more that I could think of things I learned from her..but it’s only gonna take a lot longer than this.:)

To all the mom: Happy Mother’s Day!

Do you find Pleasure in other’s MISFORTUNE?

Something Might be Wrong with you!

It is not enough to succeed; others must fail. (Gore Vidal)

How evil are you?


The last time I checked to some mini surveys and online quick test to determine my evilness seems to have found the eligibility of being less immoral or less to my common acts.
Earlier, I found myself waking after a long restful hours indulging flicks and brought the highlights of behaviors that inhibits consciousness. Anyway, it’s not new at all, knowing our crazy planet had subsequently defiled moral and ethical values that normally seen in media, starting from animal cruelty, human trafficking, pornography, adultery, and other personal malicious acts. To some level, we ended up cursing other’s wishing bad lucks and misfortune to such instance when we can start physically hurting them or create a frivolous act which may lead to some serious comebacks.

The English dictionary on the other hand supplemented basic definition of consciousness.
Defines that it’s the sense of right and wrong that governs a person’s thoughts and actions, conformity to the sense, self knowledge and feeling of guilt or anxiety.



Yesterday, I watch the movie Assassination Games, stars Jean Claude Van Dame, whom which lost his conscientia by killing prospects in exchange of diamonds. Jean Claude acts as an assassin narrates that he has been an expert to murder after a long killing practice. But we can all be assassins in real life, aren’t we? If we simply make a comparison to some common values, being an assassin as he was on the film may be a synonym to a one unethical act.

My old friend once told me that she had never been a bad person. She goes to church, sings in a choir, obeys her parents, act kindness to poor, helpful, honest, speaks kindly, and if we can sum it all, she may perfectly be a saint, nonetheless she deserves an award winning trophy for being a earth given saint. However, her saintly crusade did not take that long. One incident when she had been with a good friend, to one, though being a helpful she did not expect of being cheated on after running away from her, without a paying a huge amount of money. Her pure soul was fuming, fretting. She bluntly said, Ï wish him back a huge misfortune”. A curse she would never forget.

Was it even a worst thing to wish misfortunes to others? To those that had hurt and abused you?

One study of a Philosopher looks at our deepest emotion. Schadenfreude (German term) is generally regarded as being pleasurably happy in other’s misfortune. It is to less acceptable than envy, which is regarded as a deadly sin. It would appear to be the root of envy or the return of karma.


“In describing pleasure-in-others’-misfortune, two features are not disputable: our pleasure and the other’s misfortune. These features describe a significant conflict between our positive evaluation of the situation and the negative evaluation of the other person. This conflict indicates the presence of a comparative, and sometimes even, a competitive, concern. A major reason for being pleased with the misfortune of another person is that this person’s misfortune may somehow benefit us; it may, for example, emphasize our superiority.” –Aaron Ben-Zeev

Some stories can be our best teachers:

“I started as a competitive trainee in one of the best call centers. Too bad, not all the best is perfect. My trainer on the other hand was such a frail, sickly but a quite jealous and inconsistent. When she hears humor about her, without conformity, she would end up acting like a witch. In one scenario, she terrorizes some agents by threatening of terminating them after failing an exam, failing a call simulation exam without explaining the errors, after hearing constructed criticism about her, seeing competitive, agile and strong self-confidence types. Her superiority, she created flocks of her own with cunning tongues. They can be indestructible, not until, she was diagnosed with an incurable disease. She was on leave and lay in the hospital without managing her team. Wherein they struggle to find their conflicts fixed. Too bad to her group of nosy flocks, they were left unprotected. Some of the hard driven personalities in the office had devoured their unguarded intentions, they resigned or terminated. However the rest of us, which supposed to be manipulated, ended being hardworking and keeping clean records. Too bad for her, her sickness gotten worst! Oh well, that’s what karma is all about.”-Rose, 26

I have always been a good friend-Approachable, open-minded, caring, thoughtful, fun and a good advisor. My friends, had been filing on the “close friend” on Facebook and I really appreciate how they closely see me a being a diplomat. In such unexpected situation, one of my closest friends turned out to be a social whore. Basically, she would go out, party, drink-till-drop and ended up having sex overnight with a guy. She just wanted to be accepted since this norm is very common nowadays. I was agitated and being a good friend, I acted being controllable to her. I can’t find it very moral or ethical to be with a friend, who back then was such very gentle became one of the Boleyn Whores. I felt sorry for her but I tried not to be too close to her. She did not listen to me and I started walking out from her circle. After few years, I saw her looking thin and weak. We found ourselves chatting and she let herself loosely. She got diagnosed of pneumonia, heart ailment, asthma, skin diseases. She was really sorry to what she did. If only she had listened to me. I was recalling the time telling her that if wont stop her shitty acts, she would end up sick, helpless or alone. Barely, I was correct but on that moment, I felt sorry for her. I was painstakingly remarking my reactions. Yes, I may have wished she will be a great misery but I end up being an evil friend.” –Ana, 22

My girlfriend and I got separated after she left with another guy. However, instead of feeling sad or remorse, I was fin regression. I was back to my old self, self-reliant, single and independent. Back then, I can’t see myself yet with a new girl yet. After few months of satisfying status, I heard from an old friend that my ex-girlfriend was reportedly got beaten by his live-in partner. She was seriously ill and hospitalized. I was little sorry for her but I can’t blame that freaking guy. The fact that my ex was a nagger and cheater, she can’t even stand on her own. I was rejoicing my freedom but I don’t know if it’s evil to think this way. She deserves it. I may not be that good-looking but at least end up with a finer one.” -Joe, 27


“…he was very corrupt. The country had been living with a biased supremacy of the Court of Justice. CJ Corona deserves to be impeached or rather sent to jail along with his ill-fated Ex-President Gloria Arroyo. If only we can turn the justice unblindfold, we could have now taste the true meaning of justice….” -Rey, 19

“I usually see my fat neighbor with her skinny clothes, tight dresses and bizarre looking outfit. Not only has that she loved to go on a night party, she also love to eat a lot! I cannot believe that she has been being miserable to herself. I was telling myself that she may have been really stupid of not being conscious of her physical attributes. Sometimes, I used to talk about her to my friends and they horribly laugh at her. They used to quote her as “lard-ass, fatso, or obese-trying-hard chick. But after few weeks, I lost sight of her. It was then that I learned that she was hospitalized. I found myself amused to it since she did not learned to be fit or even go on diet at the first place. All she did was to party till morning. Being judgmental to her did not last. After knowing she has this incurable hormonal disease that she will keep on gaining weight even if she will effortful to loose the fats. I was very sorry. If only I know what she had been going through. Maybe she only wanted to live as happy as she can though she has been suffering with a generative disease.” –Lea, 16

When Bad Things Happen to Other People (Paperback)
by John Portmann

The Bottomline…

On one’s conscience we act to deliberately weighing the considerable facts, morals, ethical, and knowledge to certain situation. Misfortunes had been part of every human timelines. We cannot prevent misfortune. To some religions, they had inclined several guidelines and teachings that it is very significant. When we see the officer punishing the outlaws, we consider that knowing that what is right and lawful must be practiced. When a competitive friend is trying to rise from the rest, we smirk in a pleasurable emotion when she suffers from a failure or personal problems. At times, it can be a pleasure in any circumstance when the one that involve to us had undergone misfortune but may have only impacted a minor conflict to you. It may only be only acceptable if only injustices such as law had achieved punishing irresponsible crook-heads and that we are no responsible to the mishap. When you see pleasure in other’s misfortune, stereotypically or not, you can be considered as cruel and a sadist. The nature of the human heart is to be likely competitive yet dealt with biased but if you have religion; this can be impacting your beliefs. Not only you morals had declined but also you, as a whole being, are evil. But how great is the impact? You may have done nothing to cause the misfortune but your conscience tells you that what you are wishing-evil for is quite serious. How about you just ignore the conscience that has been running around your thoughts like countless sheep? Maybe it may not affect it to you seriously, but sooner or later, you will be forcing the recurring hunting series of your acts. Maybe now you’re thinking getting rid of some evil portions in your brain.

Malice is like a game of poker or tennis; you don’t play it with anyone who is manifestly inferior to you. (Hilde Spiel)

In the Name of Love

A Philosopher Looks at Our Deepest Emotions

by Aaron Ben-Zeév

Top 10 Pinoy Comfort Foods- Cheap and Delicious!

Top 10 Pinoy Comfort Foods- Cheap and Delicious!

I am a big fan of eating. But when it comes to comforting my ridiculous stomach, I usually end the cravings by consuming the undeniably delicious, cheap and available elsewhere in thePhilippines. My appetite started its way to acknowledge such glorious delicacies and edible nature given mouth-filled subjects. Back when I was earning a lot just for a self consumption, I began experimenting along with my bubbly hereabouts, about food. Together with my gastric brain I went downtown, cities, farms and locales. There I was, clearly consuming such comforting cuisine, drinking the everlasting sweetness of cold juices, shooting bite sized desserts down to my digestive system. Ah! The days of early 20’s, until now that I’m on my way to 26 years, is still remembering old food memoirs. The cracks boiled down to limiting a large proportion of calories, however I still lingers and desires to someday complete my meal with a heavenly banquet of desirable foods. These desirable foods however cannot be considered costly, as they fit in a 100 bill. Altogether, let me give you these cheap and fulfilling Pinoy comforting a la carte.


1. Batchoy: Batchoy is a noodle soup made with pork organs, crushed pork cracklings, chicken stock, beef loin and round noodles. Its origins can be traced to the district of La Paz,Iloilo. “It’s still a clamoring memory back when I was still a kid; my family started a small time batchoy business. My weight started to increase after such consuming 3 bowls of batchoy’ in a day. It was not normal though but it was just a year when I was only I guess 8-9 years old, I was on my way to obesity. No troubles, we ended the business and I was not sure why. My mother had this most secret ingredient, Bone Marrow or “Utak”(Ilonggo). It was boiled along with the caldo “soup” for the noodles. The taste of the fat, greasy, bland and a little meaty of the Utak made the rest of the Batchoy of La Paz a little undesirable. Ha! (1 bowl is range 25-60 pesos)”


2. Puto and Dinuguan-Pork Dinuguan (also called dinardaraan in Ilocano, or pork blood stew in English) is a Filipino savory stew of blood and meat simmered in a rich, spicy gravy of pig blood, garlic, chili and vinegar. Puto- Filipino food culture brings together tastes and techniques from around the world. This slightly sweet steamed cake is sometimes topped with cheese.

My mom also tried the puto business back when I was still in college. Her incomparable ingredient has the banana leaf acts as a bottom holder. The puto once cook would immerse with the sweetness of rice and aroma of the banana leaf, leaving the mini cake, perfect to my taste. The dinuguan and puto, when eaten together creates the balance between the acidity and basic alkalinity of puto. The tandem of the dinuguan and puto, in action, displays with the spoon scooping the Dinuguan and the other hand pinching the soft puto ready for the balance of taste. (1 bowl Dinuguan ranges from 25-50 pesos and 1 puto is 3 pesos)

[Read more: http://www.pinoyrecipe.net/filipino-pork-dinuguan-recipe-pork-blood-stew/#ixzz1rYPlxIw4]

3. Fresh Lumpia-Fresh Lumpia is a traditional Filipino dish. Lumpiang Sariwa, or Fresh Lumpia, are folded into a soft, crepe-like wrapper made with eggs. ImageThey contain a mixture of stir-fried ingredients, heavy on the veggies, Pork, and turnips, served with sauce and peanuts.
“One thing is heaven for sure, when it comes to fresh lumpia cravings, I either go to JD Bakeshop or Goldilocks. Someday, if I manage to allot my time for a quick cook, I may end up preparing for a quick to do fresh lumpia.


4. Kakanin-The pretty display of our native rice delicacies (the kakanin). The vendor practically everything from (Kakanin)like, puto, kutsinta, sapin-sapin, kalamay bibingka, Puto ng Biñan, maja blanca, bico, and more. I chose, the everlasting Ibos-a sticky rice in coconut leaves. I remember the morning market shopping, after my mom got home with her basket full-packed ingredients, I rolled out from my bed and ready my washed hands for Ibos. Sometimes I can’t help the sticky texture and I started to wash my hands again to prepare myMilo(hot choco energy drink). So that’s Ibos andMilo! (3 pcs Ibos normally 10 pesos,Milo is 6 pesos per sachet)

5. Pinoy Sorbetes (Pinoy Dirty Ice-cream)- My childhood memoir refreshed with a cold, sweet, flavored sorbetes. In the afternoon, after a long elementary class, the casual male pinoy(sorbetero), sweaty, wore a banig hat,  walks under the steaming heat of the sun, efforts shouting-while ringing his handful bell, and goes with, “Ice Cream!” or “Ays Krim!” The modern sorbero now improvised the bicycle, instead of banig hat-baseball cap. Afterwards, he’ll stop while a crowd of salivating students yearning to have one. Probably, taste one of each flavor. The infamous flavors are-chocolate, keso (cheese), and ube! Once you are handed, the icecream then comes with an apa (edible cone) or plastic cup. Yummy! (3 flavors of ice-cream is 10 pesos)


6. Leche Flan-Leche Flan considers one of the favorite desserts in thePhilippines. It is a classic Filipino dessert that has many variants butthe classic recipe only composes of egg yolk, sugar,milk, and vanilla extract.

With just three main ingreditents, you will then eventually, savoring the composition of sweetness and creaminess. It’s exactly the best desert I could always ask. When you get to complete the sight of seductive pre-digested beauty, you will altogether salivating again and again.(25 pesos per serving)


7.Laswa and Fried Fish-I think Laswa is a good example of what Ilonggo cuisine is all about. It is simple to prepare and the ingredients has to be fresh-shrimp, squash, okra, string beans, Chinese spinach and broth cubes.

Laswa or the hearty vegetable stew, had been famous in all Filipino cuisine. Unfathomably, laswa, is the most famous in most Ilonggo meals. The preparation of the food has it hierarchy of adding each of the ingredients while simmered in a medium heat. Consider this quite salty yet less acidic taste that comes along with the fresh vegetables. The harsh part is when you overcooked it. Occasionally, my mom, in the heat of preparing cheap healthy meal, we latter circle the family table, centered is Laswa with Fried fish(I usually like it with fried Tilapia).(fried fish is 20 pesos and Laswa is usually cheaply 10 pesos)


8. Kamote-Que. (fried sweet potato) or (Fried Sweetened Camote in a bamboo stick). Enough of the common comforting of the banana-Q. I had almost enough of it since the usual vendor, sells a large proportion of bananas compare to camote. Camote or kamote in other locales, is a naturally sweet blend with enriched calories and carbohydrates that can comfort the empty stomach for a quite long period. If you go to the public market or just along the city highways, you should never miss these sweet treats. In a hot sloppy afternoon, aside from craving Lucky Me!Pancit canton, I would normally missed those sweet round Kamote with the coldness of Pepsi.


9. Halo-Halo- Halo-halo is a representative of the various sweets Filipinos enjoy. Halo Halo Recipes are Legumes, root crops and fruits are cooked in syrup until tender and sweet. Fresh ripe fruits are cubed, pinipig is toasted, buko is grated and if one has time

Sometimes it is topped with ice cream or ube paste. All these are put in a tall glass that is then filled with shaved ice. It is served with a long teaspoon and continually mixed as you eat (halo ng halo). You will keep on mixing and mixing the all combined ingredients and end devouring the cold sweet deluxe dessert! My choice for a quick halo halo stop, would be Chowking. Any Chowking fast food chain will do. Gladly, they can be seen anywhere in the metro.

(one glass of halo halo usually 20-50 pesos)


10.Siopao-Siopao is the Filipino version of steamed bun, it’s a dough filled with a savory meat filling and cook by steam. My mom, my sister and I, tried cooking this savory food, in one instance, I was weary after a long use of my hands rolling the dough, oh well, and my sister did the mixing or everything. In Iloilo, most of the tourist or siopao lovers, ends their craving by dropping by Roberto’s or Dinagyang’s. I believe, two desirable food businesses made the siopao, very intimate to digestion to most Ilonggos.(25-50 pesos per siopao)

Now again, when will I ever see all these delightful delicacies in one banquet? Just to end the fantasy, I will start venturing next week after I get my salary. Ha! Ha! Ha!


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The Great Long Lenten Week

Here comes Lenten season, a long week of reminding our old frivolous act and undignified glory, at least, a memoir or nostalgic phase. For the past hundred of years, the significant celebration had united the whole nation of different races. The old years seems to portray the façade-nostalgic image of humankind. Remember Jesus Christ in his younger years of sanctity, purity and how he rose from dead. Alone his disciples went to ruthless and merciless times. Throughout the years we had not forgotten the old tradition sake that should probably a time to render our busy schedule to a long pause.

When I was young, the path to greater abundance is by doing good to others and follows my grandest parents’ words. The Lenten perhaps been quite different in the modern age. Like many of us sympathize the glorious days, we start to rush our calendars and check the red colored number. Money, got doubled to the pockets of some night freak workers or the day watchers to such private industries. Usually, we check the TV and while browsing daily news, at some point I got tired to the same old celebrity watchers asking where they will be heading, probably Boracay or stay-at-home, or…. The two local channels seems too competitive with their countless hourly update of the securities packed along side the ports (airports, bus ports or sea ports), then again, the celebrities, churches, list of must watch life changing movies, the masses opinion, and all the countless reports that deliverable redundant since the last few shorter years.

Luckily I got the 3 days off this Lenten week. Last night, I talked to a foreigner on the phone with the African sounding name, Femi Oluwole. Out of curiosity, he asked me three things; how will I spend my Easter, what do I eat in Easter and when will I be celebrating my Easter. The bad news which I did not mention, I wont be able to spend my time with my boyfriend, who in a inconvenient circumstance working abroad. The good news; I was kind enough to answer with, I eat rice and whole lot of rice with my viand, I don’t eat dog, monkey or cat, and I well spend my Easter at home. Little that I know of where exactly he was from, since he’s name is not American sounding to me, he probably was from Jamaica or Africa. With my smirking response and witty question, I thought that he maybe was from the most exotic continent. I don’t want to believe what he gratefully replied in quote, “In our country we eat dogs, birds, cats and monkeys.” Amusingly, I find it hard to believe if he refers his meals from the questions to which I responded of what I eat in Easter.

After witnessing few penitence, Filipinos fell again into another leader carry his parent’s mighty decree. He decided to proceed with the cleansing like how he started the impeachment. But enough for the president, since he had just started, luckily he still have longer days to redeem himself from the people questioning of gas price hike, wage hike and hiking for his love life.

Now I solemnly wonder what we can do to our country. If the fate of the country, is decided under the hands of our great leader and his constituents, who else can decide to our dear Motherland? Jose Rizal may not be alive anymore but our National hero still lingers the freedom of our country over a lot of still common colds of our country, like poverty, tyranny and foreign mentality.

My eyes got locked up and tired watching movies last night. I decided to write and ended up reminding myself how the Lenten season should affect the numerous dieters, social media freaks, call center agents, and the countless people. Throughout this topic, I will recall the famous words of Jesus Christ, the man who can’t be moved, and the man who should be recalled by his greatness.

Moral check; I would consider I am still OK, compared to some inglorious leaders and “Wisdom check”, I think I should read more quotes. A little reflection may be enough.


“For we walk by faith, not by sight.’ II Corinthians 5:7”

Our modern age had invented the incorrigible flashlight, thanks to the inventor he doesn’t need to burn torches and candles. Suffering from darkness can be spelled as walking far from the goodness. Anyway, instead of walking on the streets with the cross while endlessly sacrificing your mortal body get beaten for such penitence, how about staying at the roadside and sell mineral bottles and boiled eggs? Eventually, by then, sleep without hurting yourself and learned that those pestering beliefs will not going to make you to heaven.

“Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence. Love others as well as you love yourself.”

So now, all we need to make sure is that the richer gives the poor a little comfort of living. If we don’t, we would probably end up in the Veteran’s hospital or on trial or on a “sudden heart attack”?

“What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul.”

So how did exactly Hitler escape from the French and Americans? One philosopher said that he had gotten himself inside the hole to the hollow of the earth and doing his evil plans. But He’s dead now, unless he succeeded Methuselah’s record.


“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Last month, an unknown couple visited our house and held a mission of proclaiming that there is a Mother God. Unfortunately, they were not wise enough to manipulate our faith. They can’t even answer our question, “where the hell is your church anyway?”

“It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Luke 18:25)”

Is it bad to get rich? No. Well, it is better to serve your purpose in earth than dying to get rich. Anyway, you’ll be safe from the hands of the millions of people dying on poverty. Think of this, millions are trying to get your money in order to satisfy the uneasiness of hunger. Speaking of hunger, I still haven’t watched Hunger Games. Was it really that good?

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Whatever happened to Kony of this 2012 epidemic foundation? Do you still remember the man foretold the end of the world last year 2011? Who did the notorious massacre of people that had led to Ampatuan’s case? What will happen to the impeachment of the Chief Justice? What will happen to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo?

“Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

It is a tradition to most of the Muslims in the Arabic Country to throw stones on the convicted civilian. Sundays, is their death day. And in some casual instances, the rapist, adulterous and murderer end up hanging dead on the tree. Now should I say it’s more fun in the Philippines!

“Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but those who drink the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

So why then are we so obsessed of getting whiter? Is it because the Twilight Movies had turned our mortal minds of making our physical bodies living Vampire like, adding to that the inexplicable use of contact lenses. And why are we so obsessed of getting younger? You may have got yourself into some Belofication.If you know chemistry, water is the universal solvent. It also helps keeping your skin from wrinkles. Let’s drink water to that!

“Do not be afraid.”

So why should you be afraid of the foretold End of Days? The Mayan people and some infamous dude just don’t seem to declareMegiddoaccurately. And another thing, should we also have to be afraid of the nuclear test started by the N. Korea? Or should we be afraid on the numerous crimes in our country?

“Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.’ I John 4:4”

We can’t even help ourselves not being part in the center of attention. The prediction long ago, ”in the future in minutes we will become famous”, had actually manifested the new age. We are interconnected on the social network infliction in it such we tend to end up manipulation other people. The rest who are not guilty, who else is our living idol?


Tomorrow, back to work. Although still instilling for a huge amount of movies. Thanks to my family, were still bound in our sauna packed under a concrete stacks.

Just few hours ago, I was back crunching myself over the holy weekend news. What’s new? Aside from the traffic, vacation spots, crowds stuck on the ports… ahhh, the upcoming nuclear test!

20 Reasons I “Dislike” in the Philippines

20 Reasons I “Dislike” in the Philippines

Jimmy Sieczka already made himself famous after the so-called notorious video that shocked not only Filipinos but also most of the viewers stuck few minutes watching the infamous; 20 Reasons I “Dislike” in the Philippines. Jimmy and his team were just candid and scrutinizing some common colds in our country. He was all over the city, in the streets, public toilets, night clubs and drugstores. I can’t help myself ignoring over this phenomena that had been a viral over the social media talks. A short background of Jimmy detailed that he lived in the Philippines for almost 3 years, a teacher and undeniably considered Philippinesas his second country. After few days of distort in the society, he wholeheartedly apologized to the public. He was sincere and honestly felt no harm or hatred over his second homeland. He was only being honest on some Filipino-odd-disgust ways. I, on the other hand, after watching the video felt that it was quite fascinating. Why? Have we ever made a list in paper, documentation or blog videos per se about how disgusting, annoying things we see in our home, work or in our society? We were not brave enough though. All we do is complain and complain. Most of us did not even get a chance to make an effort to improve or help our country. Yes, we do post few complaints in Facebook or Twitter about we see over the news. Like Politics, accidents, corruption, weather, and some foreign morons.

Whether we like it or not, our country has these too many flaws, overflowing, that we ourselves cannot even take it away. Most tourists who’ve visited our country had their own opinion that we don’t even know if it means leaving a good impression.

I love my country. Even if it is drown in the pool of controversies and poverty. I was born in it with respect and I still hope that maybe in the future, my grandest children will experience the luxury of living in this culture rich nation. I somehow felt that I need a bigger leap from here to other country just to earn big. We all know that most of the Filipinos are leaving the country in order to give the substantial needs to their families. After provoking myself to this mature land, I had never ceased myself from complaints. However, I believe that there are a lot of things that I “dislike” in the Philippines. As a citizen, I am opting to stand over my words. I am proud to exercise my “freedom of expression”. As what Jimmy and his team enthralled, I made my own 20 Reasons I dislike in the Philippines.

  1. Corruption. It is too general though, but I prefer to consider this as the badass pain in the country. Why? If we are not corrupt, why are we still suffering over poverty? Our country still needs to feed 20 million people of work, shelter and edible foods. Thanks to the empowerment in most of us, laugh and love.
  2. Public Toilets. Just like Jimmy Sieczka mentioned. We cannot consider it as a comfort room if we can’t even stand sitting on the toilet seat while doing the poo and pee. The common public toilets smell with the rate of 40% nasal-destructive odors and 60% unsanitary condition. I am not even sure if it’s on it’s accurate percentage.
  3. Public Smoke Belchers. That includes the public jeepneys, buses, trucks, some automobiles and smokers. I can still recall the anti-smoke belching campaign implemented 5 years ago. But until now, I don’t see any improvement. Hail to the Smokers, they still erring the streets.
  4. Hierarchy System. This system is still the everlasting. It doesn’t help the condemning minorities to exceed. Exceed in position and power. I had experienced working in a company with the “caste system” like. The level 1 minorities are discriminated, like a group of herd, anytime will be served as a meal. The seniors are the pack of lions, hungry to defile few fleshes to obtain satisfaction. It can be synonymous to the wild or the jungle. Nonetheless, animals are of a less intelligence compare to humans with such compassion, morals and wisdom.
  5. Inconsiderate Noisy Neighbors. Like the bible says, “do not covet to your neighbor”. That also applies to not involving yourself with their lousy choice of music and alarming ear-bleeding sound system. There are some neighbors that in the morning they clash big bang music to your a.m TV/radio news and in the late afternoon they are feasting over imaginary club party. Consider them as frustrated party goers.
  6. Traffic. Yes. This is Eternal. That means that the traffic can last to hours and hours. Good thing I reside in Iloilo, we have lesser traffic. You may want to include the drivers with their inconsiderate time-keeping. When passengers are rushing on their time, the public drivers tend to limit your patience while waiting to fill the seats with thousand of passengers. You’ll die of hypo-oxidation.
  7. Less Education. Means the lesser the educated Filipinos, the greater of populations. I measure the ability of a man to think profoundly for himself into education, in the end, we will be exemplary and our morals lead us to the right way of living. We will never be hungry and not just fill our emptiness by populating the land without thinking of our future.
  8. Over-the-counter-no-cook foods. In short, we are overdriven to the commercials to fill our shelves with ready-to-eat foods. Examples: packed noodles, canned corned beefs, canned pinoy ulam, packed cereal and energy drinks. Are there more? Yes. Fast foods and Inasals (some smoked processed meats), although cooked, still considered, the Filipinos undesirable “healthy” foods.
  9. Slow Service-Crews. This enthralls mostly to female personnel’s of drugstores, clothing or shoe stores, sari-sari stores, fast food chains, some cashiers, spa, etc. They sometimes behave like a feline dragging their timid body, taking few steps, grasping few strands of hair while raising their one-lined eyebrows. Duh!
  10. Peeing in Public. This is not new at all. We may want to consider bathing in public. Nose-picking in public, spraying out few nasal fluids while pressing the nose with pressure expelling. Disgusting!
  11. Men in Sando. Unless, he’s an athlete who just came out from practice or game or modeling with few professional media on the streets and nothing to with it at all. Aside from the few exemptions, to all the men in the world, we do not want to see your hairy underarm or your biceps in the public. Rather, keep in mind that how you present yourself equates to how we want to treat you.
  12. High Standard Fashion in No Particular Reason. We commonly see high-fashion on celebrities, elite and on fashion models. But if you are far from these three examples, do not attempt to wear furry coats while under the sun. See the difference?
  13. Bad Sewers and Drainages. Self-explanatory.
  14. Obsession to Whitening Products. I am guilty over whitening products but that doesn’t goes with Obsession. Generally speaking, the most number of Filipinos are into whitening products. If you are not aware of this, try checking the department stores and pharmacies. Most lotions and soaps shows:  the main ingredients which follow either of these; placenta, glutathione, papaya, carrot, metathione, bleach etc.
  15. Rowdy Public Drivers. They’re all over the streets. They stop when you did not even wave you hands to Stop-for-ride. They beep non-stop. They do not return the right change of your fare. They can be really smelly. Sometimes they badly need hearing aids after you said “Para” (meaning: when a passenger wants to leave once he/she reached the destination) Then.. enough said.
  16. Overcharging. Even I’m not a tourist, some Filipinos can’t really get themselves from a good pay, but rather a great Pay. Check out the tourists spots, the fare, parking, hair salons or spa…Too bad for the poor economy.
  17. Discrimination. Like they said, the poor gets the small things, the rich gets everything. The rich gets the faster service. The poor gets the raised eyebrows. Poor thing.
  18. Slow Government Process. I guess it applies to most of the slow-improving-government-process or systems. Fast forward please!
  19. Wasteland. The million the waste equates to billion of wasters. This is the exact place we call the Wasteland.
  20. Showbiz. There’s nothing wrong with stepping into the spotlight, but the hall of famers gets the short time dorks, politicians and some crappy celebrities to get noticed.  And they all get the glory!!!!


We cant decide what will happen in the future and what will Philippines become after all the Dislikes gets into an epidemic. We cant stop from here. I am hoping all these negative opinions can help change how I and the rest of the world see the Philippines. Again, I love Philippines. But should not we all love our own country? It has more or lots to offer along with the thousand islands that float on it. Is it Fun in the Philippines? I bet it is. The contingency of modern plague and sick behavior on the society though can be amusing-pun intended.

Jimmy Sieczka apologized regarding his video “20 Things I dislike in the Philippines”

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25 Things I learned In My Life

25 Things I learned In My Life..so far.


1. Magnum -the sold-out icecream taste better at first. The rest of the ice creams are legendary.
2. Facebook can be the root of all “KSP’s” but will always work with Legal Charities. Remember Kony?
3. People will someday learned about keeping themselves AWAY from social networking and all THAT STUPID TWEETS.
4. When you’re aging you tend to be conscious with almost everything. Did I mention, EVERYTHING?
5. CCTV will always be the eye of the public.
6. Today you like small, cutie pups or kitties. Someday you will need a bigger one!
7. Number of OFWs will always increase each year.
8. Long hairs inside the fast moving jeepneys will always be annoying. Beware.
9. Long gone dead legends who dies young will lasts. Paul McCartney; Never will.
10. Unsecured Wifi cuts off your monthly bill. Let’s make a wifi community!
11. “Low class” call centers can sometimes equate to “low class” working environment.
12. Another option for dollars earning is a hassle-free Homebased job.
13. Chocolate-is the utmost self-indulging flavor.
14. Being healthy is same as living happy. True.
15. God knows your heart. He REALLY knows what you will do if you win million dollars.
16. Do not forget to keep your healthy, sexy, pretty photos while you’re still Young.
17. If you’re good to your friends and mean to the waiter at Mcdo. You’re not a good person.
18. It’s best to keep million of songs in your playlist. Someday you will need them.
19. Remember: Only upgrade your Apple, errr gadgets twice. And that’s it. No more upgrades. Unless you’re a millionaire.
20. Start investing and get you’re own house when you reach your late 20’s. Much better if it’s early.
21. Nothing beats women when it comes to arguing. Also, that includes gays.
22. Keep you’re old friends-those that had always been true. Keep a smaller circle of pals.
23. You’re man should always love you when as you get older. But NOT with your lousy attitude.
24. If your close with your mom, make a closer bond. Family, is everlasting.
25. Tourist will always find ways to create top videos in YouTube that tells something about the Philippines

Experience 25 years!

Happy 25th Years

The flavor of wisdom and happiness

The Scent Of Adulthood


The Scent of Adulthood


I can still remember the innocence and carefree life while dancing all over the playground, watching jet planes; thinking they were alien-birds across the sky, playing pog and teks, jumping around with my fellow playmates while shouting tumba-patis, peeing on my shorts unexpectedly when I was unashamed not able to reach the bathroom, laughing horribly, talk silly and all that crazy spontaneous childhood memories. After few years, I still haven’t forgotten how amazing life was. How you look through the years of being silly until fixing my self as a woman. But not everything came too easy going to this massive transformation.

Back when I was turning 18, I can still remember that I have not reached the mature fruit my parents expected me to be. I can still get a hang over silly cartoons, some melodramatic fantasies over naive guys, being cranky and stupid with friends and teachers, listening to boy bands, trying some guitar lessons, singing in front of adults, sketching some famous faces, painting, singing at the top of my lungs and finally, I can’t help but smirk unconsciously. The scent of Innocence and carelessness, ah, smells flourishing, as the young heart seeks for more questions about the inevitable life chances.

The most interesting part of life back then had been longed and almost everyday, most of us still reminisce the amusement of such memories that still lingers our mind and again, everyday we can’t help but ask why we have regrets and how we can be partially idiots; like, not able to get the course I ever wanted, not able confess to my crush that I like him, not able to stay away from an unwanted affair, not able to save some money, not able to keep a smaller circle of friends, not able to keep some of my moral beliefs from disgrace, not able to keep my faith stronger, not able to plan ahead for family, and all other stupid and moronic decisions that could have made me more perfect today. But somehow, I wondered if everything that had happened to me, could have been the exact phase my life supposed to take me in such that I could end up with most of us called “Perfection”. I had been keeping myself away from my pure beliefs and how everything had fallen apart. Now I am starting to freak myself out. You see how amusing it is? Asking myself many times and not able to know the answer. Looking back, I was never the same person than I was before.


So now, the question is, where will this take me? Adulthood, the period in the human lifespan, in which full physical and intellectual maturity have been attained.  Do I physically see myself matured already? Yes. After years of insecurities and unconsciousness to womanhood, I had finally obtained the bigger size of my vitals. Not that I did go through surgery. My boobs had naturally gotten bigger, my voice sounds a little deeper, my hairs seems straighter, my inexplicably weight gain, I can’t eat a lot, and I get to see more hairs on my body, the warmth sensation when your intensely happy or daring at some point. Intellectual mature is quite unexplainable. Many of us had been battling over the competition of the fittest and smartest in the society. I can’t say I would want to end up like the slim –fit pretty Lucy Torres or the worst maybe the phlegmatic and indispensable Miriam Santiago. Regardless of the famous people, I still want to end up Successful in my own prerogative.

Back inBacolod, my three adversary years was such an enormous experience. I don’t want to get into more details but the transformation had been huge. You remember some Self-taught books telling you that “experience makes you more of a better person?” I guess I can agree to that. How would I define my scent of adulthood? I close my eyes occasionally and introspect respectively. I ended up clinging with Citrus! Not strong but very mild and has this baby sweet twist. Talk about Clinique happy and some Bench Citrusy Cologne. Ahh! The Sweetness and Quite Embracing to my olfactory, lingers. While the Citrus sprays it’s aroma through the air, I can see myself walking slowly and closing my eyes in peace. I believe adulthood is the point that you need this exact peace of mind. How? Well, by keeping myself away from the clutters or like disposing few skeletons in my closet. Sometimes I picture myself getting old and happy with my hubby walking along the beach, or maybe arguing without getting anywhere. I think I am already getting to the point that some childish manner still won’t leave but at least I’m exerting in Politics, which by the way had not been my interest for several years. Funny though cause I actually update myself on local news and amazingly over the Impeachment of Corona Case. Sometimes I feel the urge of involving myself volunteering the civilians that suffered great loss or harassment. Probably if I were rich I could have parted few thousands to the poor. At times, I still tend to keep my Jack of all trades attitude like learning to cook, get in touch with oil canvass painting, sketching, gardening and additionally the thirst over books and less Facebook.  Unfortunately I cannot put 100% attention to some mentioned. Amazingly, my faith had gotten stronger. I tried to be less boastful, pride or talker, timid but more of Humility and Positive attitude toward adversities.

I am still hopeful that someday there will be bigger challenges and should make me become less evil. Ha! My boyfriend who is far from me right now seems to have just got the jest of this citrusy life. Believe me; he’s taking few difficult phases of us settling down. Probably I conclude that taking responsibilities and making decision in a very difficult situation without hurting others traces me down to the tree of adulthood. Someday, I will become a very mature one. I hope the younger apples will not be frightened and wander why the ripe ones had been taken away. I hope that I just don’t see big scary eyes but a mature pineapple. Not just an ugly worm but also a butterfly.

Anyway, talk about old clichés.

Introspection also goes again with the question like, how would you smell adulthood if you feel it’s coming over?

Wasak: Jose and Wally Tandems

Na-miss ko to’. Kelan lang lumipat kami nang bahay at nawalan ng cable. Sa kasamaang palad mahirap maipasok ang mga linya dahil may payment ang exceed na linya sa mga kable. In short, walang cable and internet. Swerte lang naka fetch kme ng free signal of wifi sa smart at ewan ko kung saan ang source. Now I’m enjoying the entertainment via internet.

Sa TV, sina Wally at Jose ang mga komedyanteng nagpapasiklab at nagpapagising ng tanghalian. Minsan hindi mo alam paano nila ibinubuo ang mga elemento ng pagpapatawa. Astig naman itong Wasak TV Show at nakuha nilang ma-interview ang dalawa. SA kasamaang palad, wala sa youtube ang mga full-length episodes ng Wasak. Ang magagawa ko na nga lang ay mag imagine kung anu kaya ang iba pang nangyayari sa episode nila. Sa nakaraang buwan, naging matagumpay ang sold-out concert nila Wally at Jose. Sayang nga lang hindi ako interesado magpunta sa Maynila dahil nandito ako naninirahan sa Iloilo. Anyway, masaya ako para sa kanila. Sapat lang na bigyan sila ng isang masigabong palakpakan at ipahatid ang natatanging talento sa pagpapatawa.